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I'm on my second playthrough and only need to earn one more backpack mod to unlock this achievement.  The problem is, every **** I rescue only rewards me with a grenade mod now.  Are there enough Claptraps to earn this cheevo in one playthrough, and if so can I just load up my first playthrough and find the one(s) I missed?  If not, how the heck do I make them reward me with a backpack mod in my second playthrough?


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On second playthough if you get a backpack upgrade is random.  If you really want one then complete the mission and if you didn't get one, re-load and repeat.

Don't see anyone mentioning the fact that "Old Haven" clap trap only appears after you complete a mission for Tanis, which requires you to rescue her clap trap there. After that's done, leave and return to Old Haven and then find the broken clap trap in need of repair there.

You should be getting this Achievement on the first Playthrough if you did not get it then you missed a Claptrap that needed repair. There are 10 of them that get you 30 storage backpack spaces, with the 12 you start with that is the 42 you need for the achievement.

the map locations are:

Safe House

The Lost Cave

New Haven

Tetanus Warren


Krom's Canyon

Trash Coast

Old Haven

The Salt Flats

Crimson Fastness

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 just make sure to save before doing it if it doesn't give you it the first time



The game saves automatically when you exit


I got it now.  I missed the one in Earl's Scrapyard the first time through.  Doing it on my second playthrough only rewarded me with a grenade mod, so I mistakenly thought I had already completed it the first time around.

on the second playthrough you can get a backpack sdu from new haven claptrap.. just make sure to save before doing it if it doesn't give you it the first time

I have no idea what glitch you're referring to.

So you're saying it's possible for me to load up my first playthrough and go find the Claptrap I missed?  That's good news, thanks.

I do have the Keep your insides inside glitch. What's the problem with that? Got it last year and still don't know what happened xD

wait its working again.hoorahhh for me -i could show u -first thing is first -do u have the "keep your inside inside glitch"

yes 1 on each location i would show u but my disk is scratched again.lol.1 in arid hills,one by the mine at fyrestone ,2 at the new haven area,1 at krom hideout,1 at crazy earl turn left follow the road to kill bandits the claptrap is on your left if u are fighting those spidr enemies u passed him,1 where the rakk hive location is -turn right instead of left going to the rakk hive u will. see lots of mini craws and theres a bandit area between the 2 hutts its the claptrap.,1 inside crimson fotress.1 last 1 by baron flyntt hideout screaming by the hutt.i could show u but my disk is being stupid.game error.