Full House Poker Guaranteed Table Breaking When This Stuff Happens... (multiplayer)

This is only a multiplayer cash game oriented issue... Many other problems that are random and not repeatable through signs of gameplay patterns occuring (such as the below mentioned).

For the last 2 weeks or so this has been extremely predictable when a players counter reaches 0:00 and remains on that. If that player does not leave the game immediately, the whole table or majority of the players are kicked from the table and from the players that are kicked perspective, the table shown will be full of bots all in which will complete the hand that was being played on the board, and at completion the Game Summary will show. This is occurring also when a new player is entering the game through "Joining Session In Progress" of a currently seated player. In this scenario the spectating player will watch the hand as its played out by those at the table, and when the hand is over the next deal will not commence and the table just sits waiting for an endless amount of time unless the spectating joining player leaves. The player can then reconnect through the same method and will be seated no problem.

These are only two situations which "we" (the regular players) have noticed 100% will end up with a table breaking, players kicked (normally the player with the highest stack will remain 99% of the time). This is extremely frustruating and has been occurring every 10-15 minutes at the very least... Why is this starting to happen now? It seems the problems with the multiplayer game only is getting worse as time progresses. Is security fixes being done other XBOX Live areas causing this? If so, some serious debugging is needed. Please review the logs for this type of disconnect behavior. This is unacceptable and greatly reduces the playability of this game which we enjoy. I can't see the game gaining new users (customers, and therefore $$$) unless these issues among many others are addressed.


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