Full Game-EARLY Impressions

I got an early copy from "my guy" and have played a bit since Friday.  No-i know its not "fair" but life isn't "fair"!

Let me start by saying i'm LOVING the improvements!  The game feels VERY different vs 11.  The run game is very fluid!  No more getting pulled into a defender even when he's out of reach.  You have to follow your blocks and run where the play was designed to go and you can have success running the ball and I'm not talking about just running outside with a "fast" rb.  The new tackling is a great imoprovement as well!  LOTS of new animations in the game as well and it just feels fresh!  The new intros of the players are pretty cool, too, and are stadium specific so they're not all the same.

There are some, pretty, annoying things that I STILL notice about the game.  First of all-I ONLY play with the Redskins and Rex Grossman is the starting QB.  I understand what the "popular" opinion of Rex is so please lets not debate that, here.  They have this new set of attributes that callout strengths and weaknesses and as you can expect Rex doesn't have many strenghts.  But my issue is that when there are WIDE OPEN Wr's running around 15+ yards DOWN THE FIELD and I go to throw to them only to have some linbacker LEAP UP into the air and pick off my passes with ONE HAND when he's standing 5 yards in front of the LOS.  This has been a, terrible, flaw in the game for a long, long time, IMO.  I had a open WR about 25 yards down the field and went to throw it to him and some how ended up throwing it DIRECTLY to the defensive end who was rushing the passer.  When there are WIDE open guys running around the cpu ALWAYS seems to get a hand on the ball or pick it off.  I've been playing on All-pro, as an fyi.   

Take it for what it's worth but these are just MY EARLY thoughts on the game.  Oh and one more thing- Mike Vick is OFF THE CHARTS!  Even when I tried to spy him-no haps!  He just ran around CRAZY! 


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We Love Madden NFL 12 have fun playing the Game

i cant wait for it much longer

How are the franchise mode improvements.

hows ultimate team lookin?

Not sure how improved the franchise mode is because i didnt play much of it in previous yrs-mostly played online.  But I will say that it rained EVERY SINGLE home game that I had-EVERY ONE, I made the playoffs and had a home game and it rained then as well.  As far as Ultimate team goes, i've never played that mode.