Full clips + grenades = no death

Wow, what a poor damage system this is.  I thought destiny and CoD were bad, this is just laughable.  I walked up behind a guy put an entire **** rifle clip at point blank in his back AND dropped a grenade at his feet.  He turns and shoots me 3 times to kill me.  3 freaking times.

Another instance, I BR an enemy from about 50m, get 5 hit markers, he jumps, dumps 3 pistol rounds in me and I die again, he does not.  So I attempt to use the pistol, walk up and point blank an NPC  3 times in his head, he turns and shoots me, I die, he doesnt.

Don't give me the "your not hitting them", "you suck", "you're not accurate" crap either.  I have recorded video of these blatant mismatched terrible damage system.  It's a joke and in no way appealing to an FPS fan.  

If stores didn't *** us on returns this game would already be back on the shelf. 

Oh, and no hardcore mode (no Breakout is not hardcore).  

Another *** poor rushed game for XBOX.  


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The damage system for multiplayer has always been really bad in all the Halo titles. Hence i focus mainly on playing the campaign and only dip into multiplayer every now and then.

Maybe he had an overshield?

I've been killed by just a few shots many times but if I find the over shield pick up I can take far more punishment