Fulgore patch is live

Fulgore patch is live 6gig i download now :)


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He speaks the truth. I'm downloading it now! WOOT! It's like an early Christmas present.

Not for me yet. :'(

Yea pity it didn't auto download!

6.8gb must be the whole damn game again! Do they have no thought for us poor people on sub 6mb connections!

CORRECTION: Update is downloading now! GET HYPE!

Wondering why it is taking so long to download.... been downloading for an hr or so and not half the way there yet.. XD

Yeah it's taking a long time for me too and my connection isn't that slow

I wouldn't get to hyped already. Almost all the Ranked matches that I've played using or against Fulgore have crashed. I've been desynced in every other match. KI is officially broken... again. :(

yeah. story mode ends with 2 pictures and some text . Fulgore is the final boss and that's about it . the droped the ball big time . Looks like they remained true to what made the "famous" before KI. verry dissapointed in story mode . sad to see that they made this in a rush just to be done with it. hopefully the new developer is better .

Made it in a rush? God some people are never happy

Hah, when I saw this thread here like 10-20 min after he posted, I didn't have time to write about it :-P went directly to my Xbox and played... it had already auto-downloaded the update, so to begin with I was scared because it didn't prompt me with a "update available" but then I entered "Local play" and suddenly jizzed my pants at the sight of arcade mode.

don't get why everyone always has to complain, haven't had any problems yet.

The new AI for arcade mode is crazy though, and Fulgore (at least boss version) seems kinda cheap... seemed like no matter what move I used he could just use throw and it would beat whatever I was using :-(

Plus he from a completely normal combo, with no counter breakers made 60 something percent damage, think it was 62%... I'm just happy he didn't use his CRAZY BEAM more than once in those matches... and I played on easy, because I saw in last weeks stream how medium pulled Cameron apart

I'm all for the boss having advantages, but this hard already on easy startled me :O

Don't see the problem with the story mode either... what are people really complaining about? It is exactly as it was in the old games... 2, 3 pictures with story text... and 3 different versions for each character. I feel all nostalgic about this... AWESOME JOB DOUBLE HELIX

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