Frustrating "The Final Piece" Glitch

I just completed a mission in Borderlands called, 'The Final Piece'. I am supposed to take the piece back to Patricia Tannis, but I'm running into a frustrating issue. The waypoint indicates that I am to go to the Salt Flats, but when I get on the Salt Flats map, the waypoint isn't present on the map. What am I supposed to do?

This is a fantastic game, but ruined by a series of glitches everywhere. Probably old news at this point. Thanks for your reply in advance.


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Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks anyway.

it's had them from the start and even after some patches, there still are some bugs in the game most players don't notice, but if you know the game well you know about them.

I need help i'm stuck how did you fix it!!

well if it tells u were to go then go there dont follow that waypoint lol damn its dat easy lol but if u neen ne help on nething just ask

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