Frustrating Glitch

Yeah, I know "they are aware" of deck corruption, but I just wanted to post my dissappointment and report a possible different bug

The "Avoid deck corruption bug" talks about it occuring by leaving your deck manager without saving, but that's not how my bug started. I was playing Tezzeret's deck and after I had won a match in the single campaign it didn't show a card unlocked for the deck. I went to the deck manager to see what the card was and it said I have 643 cards in my deck. Now my other decks are showing all red with no pictures on the cards. It's almost unplayable and certainly not fun when you can't tell wich cards are which without zooming in.

What a waste of money. They shouldn't have released the game if it wasn't going to work properly.



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Are all your decks bad? Same thing happened to me, I won a game, didnt get a card unlocked. went to deck manager and card count was in the hundreds. Tried the deck manager again and card count was in the thousands with red bordered cards and no pictures.  Only my U/G deck is corrupted but its still aggravating that I paid money for something that broke for me on day 2.