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I'm not one to usually listen to reviews because I believe that the best reviews are only available through experience.

That being said I bought RE:ORC this morning and played for a good 4 hours.

The Story:

From what I have mustered up in the amount of time I have played (keep in mind that I did not follow this game TOO closely) we play as a USS team that is trying to destroy all traces of Umbrella having anything to do with the outbreak that happened during RE2.  We encounter zombies, BOWs, as well as old characters which are considered "heroes".  I'm trying to stay spoiler free for those that actually do care about the campaign.  I personally do not feel like they should have gone into a complete background of the characters we get to choose from, I mean it's a secret...special...task...force...there shouldn't be MUCH to know about them besides their specialties in the field.

The Gameplay:

I can only speak from experience in campaign because I have not touched multiplayer yet.  Movement in this game is pretty solid, you move where you want to go...not that hard.  The only gripes I have with the gameplay is the cover system...its a bit confusing and sometimes nonexistent, I find myself corner shooting more frequently rather than taking cover.  The Ai is a bit off...on both sides, but with a group of friends I can see this game skyrocket in the "fun" category.  Shooting in the game is like pretty much any other 3rd person shooter, you can't hold the right trigger and expect every single bullet to hit...burst fire people!  I also like the quickdraw mechanic that they added, takes a little to get used to but when you find yourself in a crowd of got me feeling like Dante from Devil May Cry.  The melee system is new but also fun in my opinion, nothing like slicing then either stabbing them in the neck...or kicking their teeth in.  I don't fully understand all the perks/upgrades that we are able to unlock so I'm just as clueless with that as I am with multiplayer......moving on!!!

The Finale:

I see myself having a ton of fun with this game, and truth is I probably will.  Not just because I'm a Resident Evil fanboy...oh wait that might be it.  This purchase is no "bastardization" of the franchise, it's really up to the player on what it is to them.  But my advice, if you don't have the money right now, or don't feel like buying this game at $60, then don't.  Wait a month or two and I guarantee that this will turn into a $30-40 game soon enough thanks to the people that are giving it horrible reviews.  :)

This being said...anyone want to party up and possibly tackle campaign? =]


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Thanks for the nice read. Still at work wishing it wasn't wrong to up my clients medications so I could leave early.

I agree. It's an extremely fun little title and I'm enjoying it so far.