From MW3 to Ghosts

Mw3 was the first cod game i ever played. Went straight from mw3 to ghosts. I gotta say, i loved mw3 and i LOVE ghosts! Squads is so fun and addicting. What a great feature to upgrade your squad as you please! Challenging offline friends and practicing game modes against and with AI bots is great! I suggest buying this game if youre hesitant. Its alot of fun

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Squads is the best feature yet.

You don't know our struggle!

 Squads is an interesting idea. But there's just something about having the game play itself for me that doesnt quite sit right.

  Next thing we'll charge our credit card for a game and a year later they'll send us an email with our stats and how much fun we had for the season.

i dont see the fun in playing against bots

Playing against bots is an option.

Squad vs. Squad is also available.

It's a glorified combat training mode from what Im hearing.  Nothing more.

^^Except you gain XP from it, even if your offline and someone else plays against your squad (while your at work/school).

Says the guy who has GTA V as his most recently played game. LMFAO @ ironkobe

[quote user="B3ast Mod3 T"]

Says the guy who has GTA V as his most recently played game. LMFAO @ ironkobe


That literally made no sense. 


Anyway, I havent played Ghosts yet, I wont get to for just over another week when I'll get it for next gen.   Im just stating what I heard.


Also, if you really did start at MW3, I guess it wouldnt be hard to be impressed. Seeing as MW3 was probably the worst game in the series thus far

I love MW3 I play it to this day GHOST is really nice it has a lot going for it.....