I wondered if anyone had any information or opinions on the squads size etc.

The one thing that has always bugged me about the battlefield games has been the whole team and lack of communication with the team outside of your squad, yes I know that not everyone talks, or some are annoying kids etc.

But not being able to talk to your whole team as default seems a little dated to me.

Also I am sure that most players will have more than 3 friends playing this game at a time, which will mean problems getting all your friends into the same matches or have they addressed this?

Once this game comes out with my friends all buying it and chomping at the bit to play it we could form a whole team by ourselves as I am sure others could, you would have thought as their biggest competition at least lets you have 6 in a squad (which is the max for some game types) they might have included more slots up to the whole team.

What do you guys think? 


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4 player squad and supposedly full team chat. I figure it's easier to get a party of 4 or less into a server with less chance of splitting the squad of friends up on seperate teams. Homefront would be a perfect example of why being able to party up with up to 16 friends is a bad idea. It rarely worked right with more than 4 imo. It s*ucks not being able to have more than 4, but I understand why.

In bfmc you could choose your faction which was easier and it didnt matter if you were playing against friends, that was more fun IMO as we'd all try and knife each other! lol. You can of course still do that in BF3 but not being able to comm to the whole team was a real letdown in bad company. I'd regularly have 12 friends playing in the same match but could only communicate with the 3 in my squad or 7 max if we used party chat. A quick mute button takes care of the idiots but battlefield is a team game so its important one squad can communicate with the next! (ie we'll hold B you hold A and you guys push forwards)

There was a blog up on the Battlelog Beta with info of some issues and bugs being fixed, squads where one of the issues on consoles, they said they where adding a in game option to invite friends to their squad.

And they are doing some back end server updates to stop friend/squads being spilt up as-long as it doesn't un-balance a team (say you and your friends join a game which is 8 vs 8, instead of having 12 vs 8, matchmaking will balance the teams to 10 vs10 and then auto-balance you and your friends back onto the same squad next match), but the community requested server browser will also stop squads being spilt up.

I don't see the 4 max squads being a problem, on BC2 we used to try get everyone (about 6 people) into the same game & team, and organise ourselves into 2 squads of 3 players and chat via party chat. 

^ this guy is correct,they have stated that squads are fixed in the full game and will function much better.

I don't doubt they will be fixed, just disappointed that its only 4 players too each.