looking to add gamers who arent too serious yet no how to play online. nobody under 15. male or female, doesnt matter as long as u can play and joke around.


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what do you play? @.@

Hey there, I usually don't add folks, but I see alot more people claiming to want some casual, teamwork-based, but easy-going people to add to their friends lists. If it is the case, @ anyone here, you can add me if you want, I play regularly, Black Oops 2, L4D2, any fighting games, Halos Reach n 4, etc. I do not like dusty knick knacks, just a heads up!

Add me if you like

im fifteen broski, i just dont like playing with squakers

i play mw3, modern warfare, halo 4, red dead redemption, reach, minecraft, command and conquer 3 tiberium wars, nhl 13, black ops two, although i lag a lot no in that game, skate 3, left for dead, halo odst, world at war

wow, you play lots of games :P

well, i just read your initial post and i realized i don't qualify :(

i'm not very good.

sorry, bud.

If your under 18 your a squeaker in my book, and everyone I play with would agree, Just like girls under 16, Its a no no!

Feel free to add. ^u^

Add me.

Games I play: Halo 4 and Reach

Born: 1988



you might wanna know that I talk in a HIGH voice to joke around like that youtube video 10 ways to tell if your a noob in Halo Reach.

I will send you an Invite also.