i'm pretty much done with this game i have a lvl 50 assassin and i don't know if i want a new character yet..

i've got a thing for legendary weapons, but if you play with randoms... they will take anything you find.
(If i play with people i like and find something that is really good i copy it to the whole gruop)

In need of new friends i can play this with, so please send me a friend request if you want.
for fun, xp, looting, help or anything.
And if someone could help me with the infinity pistol - i will truly adore you.

One bad thing... i don't use a mic at all, i have my reasons for it. But i'm good at listening and responding messages. he he x)
also.. i'm swedish so my spelling can be crappy : )

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Same here I'm always game for a good co-op. I can also help out with the infinity pistol.

add me if you want im always down for playing just for fun and I can help you with the infinity Pistol if you want it.

Add me I'm always looking for people to group with!