Friends needed on xbox one :)


just transitioned from playstation and could do with some friends to start off the next gen. 

loving the xbox one so far. titanfall beta is awesome. looking forward to destiny the most.

add me up see you online. :)


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Welcome to the XBOX ONE side if you don't mine me asking what is your age I am a old gamer that's looking for gamers around my age.and what games to you have for the XBOX ONE .....Thanks

I'm a old gamer also.  Add me Zulu6110

hi, i am 26. and i have dead rising 3, ryse, halo spartan ops and will be buying titanfall...maybe.

what games u guys have.. or looking forward to.?

I am a COD gamer so with that said I have GHOST BF4 and I will be picking up titanfall as a laid back gamer that games when I get home from work and on Est,time zone.I will add you Biscuit love the gamertag...

Cheers dude. i am a big cod gamer also. i am not a fan of ghosts though. waiting for the next treyarch game. but titanfall is prob a must buy now.

the beta is awesome. not a big fan of bf4. loved bad company 1 & 2 though.

And cheers took a while for the right gamertag idea to pop in my head haha

You can add me, I'll accept and play some with ya as soon as I get my xbox one back.