Friends list and multiplayer

Hey guys, my friends list is kinda emptyish and I'm looking for new people. I will play competitive or just have fun. I'll most commonly be playing halo reach, but its not uncommon that I would play halo 4 or ac3. Anyone welcome

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Emptyish doesn't begin to describe my friends list lol. +1?

Sent you a PM

Just get out and meet some new people or stick around here and you will find some people all over the place.  I have met some pretty awesome people here through the years I've been on here. :)

CoffeeCoronet? I was wondering how u found me. The name sounded familiar but i hadn't met u in reach. Lol accepted

On the forum. I forget which one exactly on the ones where everyone says add me!

Also I'm open to game suggestions. Let me know if there is anything you recommend mileschicken.

The only game I own is Halo 4 but I'll send you a request anyways :P

Yeh, u should totally try assassins creed if u haven't. It is da best