Friends + Helpers wanted - Halo ODST

So I have 2 friends who are trying to get 200,000 points in firefight + we need another player to help us complete it. We have tried a few times but just can't manage to do it :(. We really are not that bad ^__^

Preferebly somebody who won't quit half way through..

Making friends along the way is also good too is a good idea.

Message if intrested :)!


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I'm always up to help, i also need the vidmasters though so id appreciate the help (:

Hey  hun Im the same still got them pesky achivements to do, the best place i could recomend for any help would be this team of the halo 3 forum that do all the vidmasters, skulls and firefight achivements there called the Vidmaster team or somthing i think.


Its done by one of the Xbox Ambassadors so more than anything its reliable and really friendly and they guys are good fun to chat to :)


ill paste the link for you below hun, best of luck!!!!!!!!!

i wonder if you got the  200,000  points yet in FF?!  A freind of mine   and i  played for like  almost 4 hours, just the other night,  and got to over 160,000  it was getting to be a long drawn out game!  I  would like to try again but  i fist,  have to redo the campaign again.. i know i played it more then once..when the game was released long time before i ever got  XBLIVE,  the  game stats didnt save..  unless i play using an older profile.... i dont know,, it has been awhile..   anyways i like to find someone who wants to COOP all the way through!i

I need to get a few FF achievements, and having people drop out half way through the match does suck. Feel free to add me. :)

You should check out the “Do YOU need a Vidmaster!” thread on the Halo 3 Forums, we have a team of players who help people with the Vidmasters, the 200k Firefight achievements on ODST and also any general achievements you may need but if you want to help yourself to a player or two you're more than welcome.. Here’s a link to the thread:

Need most all FF at night! Lets get these done!

Hey if your still looking for sum people I wud be interested. just friend request me if  u need some more bodies.

I need these too -- let me know when I can join in and help!