Friends for daughter

I am looking for people that my 8 year old daughter can play multiplayer on Xbox 360. She is not allowed to have a mic. I would prefer people who don't cuss or anything like that. if you are a nice person who wouldn't mind having a child around then add Welcomechief24.

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whenever i get on i will play i dont cuss im chill like that

There is a forum within this website called gamerchicks, there will be loads of girls who play minecraft in there

survival or creative?

@Marwood -- Unfortunately, Gamerchix closed like 2-3 years ago.  I think most of the girls from there moved to Pop Chix or something like that?

Just be careful there are a lot of freaks on xbox live

I ran into a guy the other day who all he did was cuss at me and threaten to DDOS me if I didn't leave the GTA4 lobby, I muted & filed a complaint on him.

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Just be careful there are a lot of freaks on xbox live


Is what I was going to say

I'd be cautious about letting your daughter have an Xbox LIVE headset, some of the things said over XBL are not for young girls to hear.

^^ He specified she's not allowed to have a mic.... I would assume the headset comes with that.