Friends and GRAW Players

Hi all,

I'm trying to build up a good quality friends list (like most posts on here), I'm online mostly at night (Thur to Sun typically) as i'm classed as a mature gamer at the ripe old age of 34 ! and with a demanding job plus two kids and a wife to keep happy I don't get to play until most of those are in bed :)

So if you like playing MW3, ME3, Max Payne 3 or it seems anything with a 3 in it then  Friend request me or send a message.

I'm laid back, not always on a mic although the Kinect Mic is on I don't use that. I do have a mix however having moved house recently and misplaced my headset and mic I need to find it first ! doh !

I like to play team based games mostly online,

In addition with the current fire sale on the ONDEMAND service I've purchased GRAW which I used to have when the 360 launched many moons ago. If anyone else picked this up for £3 and wants to play online multiplayer / coop then friend request me.

So if you like Chillaking (showing my age!?!?) online and don't mind me being a bit quiet until I find my headset drop me a FR.

Peace out all



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Have borderlands goty? I've been playing that a lot lately waiting for the sequal to come out in Sept.   I'm 41..a mom, wife etc., so I understand the family demands.  add me.  i usually borrow games from my college aged son's friends just to show you that you're not old..least not as old as me :)  I also have ps3 and my id for both is cynner9108. I just finished ME2 and am waiting to get ME3 from a friend to begin that.  I'll have to check GRAW out..

Cheers, will FR.

Never had Borderlands despite meaning to get it many times. May get it soon if I can find it cheap enough somewhere.

Graw is a good 3rd person shooter and if the community is still supporting online it's great in multiplayer.

you can get borderlands goty for around 20 bucks  ut make sure you get the 2 disk edition.  super stress relief in killing everything in sight lol