Friendly Halo only group!

Interested in playing Grifball? Want to play it legit - no stat padding or boosting but just score as fast as possible on the other team?

Want to play Grifball with a group of polite people who play with this philosophy ?

Would you like to start playing in a Grifball league with a group of friendly people and only have to worry about showing up for practices and matches?

Well, you're in luck.

On February 5, 2012, Midland Base established our Grifball team. We will be signing up in the next league of the GGL.

All you have to do to participate with us is become a member of Midland Base and then attend three team practice sessions in the same month and you're on the team.

You can check out our Grifball team webpage here:


And don't forget we are streaming our Friday game nights here:

We're live streaming our Friday game nights here: Past live streams are available as films there too. So check out our live stream channel and see what it's like to play in our game nights!

Looking for a friendly place where everyone of all playing abilities is welcome? Then MIDLAND BASE is for you!

This is a group for those mature adults who want one place to find friendly people to play with and also find answers to Halo related questions.

It is also a place where highly skilled expert players who are polite and desire to use their skill to help others and make a difference may do so.

Only have 6 - 8 hours a week to play multiplayer? Want a place to find hints & tips, coordinate achievement earning sessions, and multi-player sessions with other people who won't be upset with you if you're not a star player?

Are you an expert player and desire to use your skill and knowledge to help other players get better and earn achievements in a constructive, polite environment?

Then sign up for MIDLAND BASE!

Our members are respectful and helpful and being in this group will help you enjoy Halo in a stress free environemnt!

Expert players will get the satisfaction of helping someone else with a love for the game get better and achieve their goals, as well as enjoy being able to quickly party up with people who will be eager to play with them.

Have a question regarding game play and don't want to waste your limited time searching all the other forums, Google, and YouTube to find the answer? Chances are the answers to those things that most confound the new or average player are already in our forum, or can be quickly answered by a member or moderator.

You can see alot of what we're up to by checking out our social networking sites and group montages:

Our FaceBook

Our Google +

Our Twiiter

Our QR Code

Our Group Montages

Some brief FAQs abouty us:

We are a group, NOT a clan.

We do not require a change in armor perm, colors, emblem, call out, or gamer tag.

We do not require try-outs, a "boot camp", or entrance exam.

We do have a minimum forum participation requirement of 8 forum posts a month (we have a huge off topic forum, this is just to delete those who have gone inactive).

We have 4 game events every week; THU - SUN.

We have in group ranks and awards:Midland Base ranks and awards


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