Friend Zone - People who play nice and cooperatively. Add each other!

For people who want to increase the odds of finding nice people in random online sessions.
Add each other as friends here!


People who:
1. Don't just randomly deathmatch everything in sight.
2. Don't screw each other over just to be an ***.
3. Don't kill fellow friends (blues on the minimap) nor wrecks their vehicles, intentionally.


Anyone who fits that profile, feel free to add me on xblive, and add eachother!
Since the game pretty much tries to put you in sessions with friends, this might be a good way to increase the odds of finding less nonstop mayhem in free roam.


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I don't kill friends but sometimes I like to kill randos cause that shits funny

^then you sir do NOT fit the description above

I try to be nice. I very rarely shoot first unless the bloke's tagged me previously or if I have reason to believe he's a random killer. Course I can't guarantee the same for randoms I may have on the back of me bike.


I try to be nice, if I pull up next you you and give you the finger that's my way of saying "Hi". If you're robbing a store I'll be outside ready to be the getaway driver or ride shotgun (you're choice) - again, me giving you the double-finger when you come out is my way of saying "I'm here to help".


Best fun I've had in this game is random co-operations, but I'm twitchy through experience. You even look like shooting me I'll either be gone on me bike (and catch me if you can) or be shooting first.


Give me the finger to prove your good intentions.


@BarryTheGibb   I give your post  2 middle fingers up good sir!  I like circling other characters on my bike or car a couple times, let's them know I'm there and not shooting at them....they open fire and I'm off....although I did have a rather enjoyable experience today taking my rival's car away from him, and selling it at Los Santos Customs for about $7,000....way better revenge than kiling

Man I really wanted to fit the description too

hahaha......Riiiiiight  *pew pew pew mo fo* lol....jk   :P

Haha so if u come across me u may as well shoot me

by default, Online is pretty much a kill or get killed type of ordeal :P

Its fun to just initiate a friendly firefight, but I'll never understand the ffa deathmatch people who refuse to play deathmatch. Afraid of being shot at maybe. Ive challanged dozens of people to 1v1 but nobody ever accepts :(

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