Has anybody else experienced freezing/crashing while playing Fifa 14? It seems to have to happen to me every other game. I have to turn off xbox which then gives me a loss. I have installed game to hard drive to see if it fixed the problem but it doesn't.

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Will also add it happens in Ultimate Team.

Look for corrupted files on your hard drive and delete the corrupted files. Maybe that helps

Cheers, I had already done that also cleared cache but was still getting problems at the time.  Having said that it hasn't crashed on for about a week so fingers crossed.

what did you do exactly to stop the game from crashing/freezing?

The only thing I can say I done was clearing the system cache.

Hasn't (practically) every EA Sports game had an issue with freezing for the past 5 years?

I kept having freezing issues whilst pausing the game during a match. However since the update they have released in the last few days I have not experienced this at all.

mine now crashes 80%  of time - very angry now!

Hope EA Sports fixes the issue in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil and FIFA 15.

if ya friends list has 95 or more this causes freezing on fifa get rid of some freinds