Freezing Problems Whenever I Go to The End on Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition! I Need Help As Soon As Possible!

On one of my Minecraft worlds, which is a zombie survival map, I put a part where you go to The End. I've been changing the map with new things from the update and new redstone creations. In the regular world there is a lot of redstone and dispensers with zombie spawn eggs (I really mean a lot). Then when I went to the End tho make some changes, I put more redstone and saved the game there. When I go to the exit portal my Xbox freezes. And because I saved at the End, I'm stuck there and can't get out in any way because it'll just freeze my Xbox. I put a lot of hard work into the map and was really fun to play on. It only happens on my world though. I didn't try it on other worlds yet do to the fact I'm scared it'll happen again. Is there any way to fix that. There as also some redstone lamps at spawn. Again is there anything I can do to fax that. 


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This same thing has happened to my legit survival. And I made the best world I could ever make. But I am stuck in the end because I saved it while I was in the end. Can someone help?