Freezing on load

Haven't played this game in over a month. It forced me to do an update of about 65mb. Now everytime it loads within the game (say after I replay a mission) or try to start a new game from the pause menu, it locks up. It'll have the spinning loading icon for about five seconds, then just freezes. I can play the game fine from start-up. It loads the game file perfectly. Just starting a new game or any loading of a file once the game is running freezes. This wasn't happening a month ago. And the only thing that's changed is this update. I uninstalled everything, deleted all files except for the DLC file because I didn't wanna go through my download history to redownload that. Reinstalled the game entirely and it is still acting up. Anyone else having this issue? What's going on? Tempted to start over again and not take this update to see if that's the problem.

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Woowwwwww. The title update was causing my game to freeze.... Just... pathetic. Seriously. I have to play my game offline now until the next TU? I don't understand how GTA IV can have next to no issues, then this garbage gets released. Bad.