Freezing on first save/load screen

The first cutsceen after you create your character has frozen on me a good 3-4 times tonight. Audio is fine for a good 15-20 seconds then it cuts out and you hear like wind blowing or something and after the whole cutsceen plays my xbox freezes and I'm forced to restart. This hasn't happened on any other game thus far. Anybody else have this issue?


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I just skipped right through that part and left it as default. is some stuff later about uploading your charter to their site, once you sign up, tried to save mine but said server down or something, so ive been skipping any charter custom stuff.

I had this exact same problem with the freezing.  My game would freeze up primarily when driving.  My car would hit an "invisible wall", the sound would cut out, my car would disappear and the game would freeze up.  I also hit a part in the story missions at the end of Act 1 where I could not advance because the game would freeze every time during the transition from one of the cut scenes to the action.  I was about to abandon the game because I could not advance.

I was able to fix the problem by running the entire game from a USB stick (16 GB) rather than the hard drive.  I'm not exactly sure why this makes such a difference, but the Games with Gold version doesn't seem to like running off the HDD for some reason.  I moved the entire game (6.9 GB) and my save games to the stick and I haven't had it freeze since.  If you have having this problem, I suggest giving this a shot if you have a USB stick that you can use.  It cleared the problem right up for me.