Freezing During Host Migrations

I keep thinking this game can't regress any more, but I keep getting proven wrong. Almost every game I play lately (more than half at least), has at least 1 Host Migration (apparently, only people w/ KDs under 0.45 ever pull host). These are annoying enough (especially considering their failure rate is higher than the launch 360 consoles...), but now my game keeps freezing when there's one going on. It is NOT on my end. No other game freezes, I regularly clear my cache, and the game is loaded on my HDD.


Treyarch is a complete joke.


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Can you please tell me why you still play this game? You do nothing but complain about it. It obviously frustrates you... stop playing the *** thing.

But it's so bad that it's fun.

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It is NOT on my end.


How in the hell do you know that?