Freezing During Campaign Mode - Any Fix?

Hi all,

I just got the game a few days ago and playing the campaign.  Right after I hand over the Celerium to Briggs, the screen goes pitch black and I can't do anything.  I've restarted the campaign endless of times, and does the exact same thing at the exact same moment after Briggs gets the Celerium; black screen.

I tried deleting cache, cleaning the disk, installing the game on my Xbox HD, nothing helps.  Before exchanging it for another copy (which I'm not sure would solve the situation), is there anything else I could try to fix the problem.  I have an older Xbox 360 Elite, I think from 2009 or so, with 120GB.  I'm thinking perhaps the older console may be the problem, but I'm thinking the game was tested on all Xbox versions before being released, at least I hope so. BTW, other games work fine on my console, no problems at all.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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The new patch are notes are out today and theres no mention of it there mate so either its a problem unique to you or they dont know about it yet , head over here and report it..........


I don't know of a fix, but you're not the only one having issues with the campaign. I have an older Xbox too, and it freezes as well. I have had other games freeze before once in a blue moon, but nothing like this game. It freezes every mission or two, but I've actually reached a point where I can't progress in the game because it goes to a black screen too. I've seen many posts online of people having the same issues. I wish Treyarch would've done more testing before releasing the game.

The game continues to freeze on me too! im not even far into the campaign, just finished the mission where i saved (woods?) from the boat and am carrying him through the jungle. after hiding behind the trees waiting for the scene to end, the game freezes and there isnt a thing i can do. i have to turn the whole system off. there is nothing wrong with my xbox and the game is in perfect condition. FIXXX

Anyone know anything about this yet?

I'm having the exact same problem and I have the new slim model. I just started playing the campaign and it bums me out because I've never had this kind of problem before..please help!!!

I have exactly the same problem! Anyone ideas? I have the latest 250 gb modell! I havent had any problem before

You could try deleting all BLoPs II content from your HDD and clearing your cache etc, then renting a copy of the game and use that disc to install the game and your disc to play it, i don't know if it will solve your problem, but it could be useful to eliminate the disc as being a factor.

But i do think the Slim's have problems, as i have had similar issues with some games on my Slim too.

This problem also happens to me same time to right after briggs walks away and the mission ends

Its bee n a side effect of shooter games for a long time that some Dev's still try to fight but the single player campaign stuff ends up taking a back seat to online multi player.

first incarnation that was obvious, when Unreal went to Unreal Tournament and dropped the campaign stuff no one played.

And big mistake for Doom3 when it was more campaign story line focused. [more so when they leave out bots]

And have yet to play but a little bit of the campaign stuff in cod bo2.......... the mini movie stuff annoys me.