Freezing and Deleted Saved Games

Many hours into my Skyrim journey I started to experience some freezing during load screens.  It soon got to the point that it would freeze every time I played, and then finally it was giving me an "unreadable disc" error.  Following advice I read elsewhere, I deleted my three Auto Save files.


Things were going well for a day or two, then, when I started up the game today, it froze during the first load screen I encountered.  I restarted my console (which now, unfortunately, has become habit) and then restarted Skyrim.  At the main menu, I could only start a new game and couldn't load any of my saved files.  I exited Skyrim and checked my hard drive, and much to my surprise, all of my saved games were deleted. 

First of all, is there any chance I can get my saved games back?  Secondly, how can I potentially avoid this in the future?  After so many hours and getting to level 33, I really hope there is a solution.

Extra info:

  • Bought my Xbox brand new in November '11
  • Skyrim disc has only been exposed to the air during its trip from the original packaging to my Xbox.
  • Besides the time I deleted the three Auto Save files, I have not even looked at my hard drive info.

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No way to get your gamesaves back (partly the reason why I heavily rely on the new Cloud Storage), sorry.  Having problems with other games? If you don't then all you need is a bit more luck. Oh, and maybe install the game to HDD, that helped me a lot.

My son was using an external hard drive because his console was older and sure enough, it went belly up but his saves were okay being on a different drive. I find the cloud a bit small for someone like me who saves compulsively. I tried out a new character and put her on the cloud to keep from mixing the saves but it seemed to fill kind of fast.

Well unless you have a dozen saves per character and around a dozen characters that 800mb should be enough lol

What the above posters said, save content on backup device. I use a USB just in case something happens to my xbox hard drive. I live in an area that experiences a lot of power outages, so rather than have my xbox fry and loose everything, I back up my important files.

My cloud only has 500 mb not 800. Have I been gyped?

My Cloud only has 500 MB as well.

Last night I have been experiencing game lag where the game during game play stop, and go, stop, and go it really became annoying.  I stop saved, re-loaded that save to see if that would help with the disc lag but nope it was still there.

Also, I deleted some of the old files of my game play, and you know what happen, I can’t get back into a quest I need to finish that quest is Mind of Madness. I go to enter into the hallway at Blue Castle and it just freezes up. Again, I saved and re-loaded from that spot and no good. I still can’t get back in it just freezes up. It is the last part of that quest I am tried carrying around this dues hip bone.

WTF? My Cloud was around 900mb when it first appeared. It's now got all my oblivion saves, some skyrim saves and MW3 video clips and it's still at around 810 :O

[quote user="Sipuli91"]

WTF? My Cloud was around 900mb when it first appeared. It's now got all my oblivion saves, some skyrim saves and MW3 video clips and it's still at around 810 :O

[/quote] Maybe it reserves some space for Microsoft related software?

i don't how my deleted save games are gone