Freezing after reading black book

I've had trouble with the game freezing since I installed Dragonborn. I finally cleared my cache and  uninstalled it and re-installed, and it works better other than an occasional freeze. But last night I got the black book in the dwarven ruin, read it, and froze up. I reloaded twice, and the autosave it made in apocrypyha was corrupted. Does anyone have a solution other than re-installing the mod again? That will probably be a game breaker for me. Would something as simple as turning off autosave work? I'm used to bugged, broken products from Bioware, but I've never had this problem with Bethesda.


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Really? Bethesda is epically known for issues like this. So epic they could get awards for it.

Turn off the autosave. Pick back up at an earlier point in your game and try again. Autosave has corrupted more of my game than anything else. I turned it off ages ago. Those Black Books do cause weird things but I have read 7 of them now without any freezes. Skyrim in particular has not been very good to me either but I have over 750 hrs on one character so it is possible.

If turning off autosave doesn't work try doing some system maintenance and reduce to amount of saves you have 15 max I would try to keep it below 5 this has stopped many freezing issues for me when I couldn't walk into my own home with out freezing.