Is it just me or is holding up people impossible without unequipping your weapon?

I've played the original MGS2 on the PS2 and I've played the HD collection on the PS3 but I just can't hold up guards without shooting and/or unequipping my weapons. Is anyone else having this problem? I've tried holding X softly but the Snake/Raiden always fire bullets =/


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try using LB button (xbox) dont know the ps2 eqivilant will let you move with weopon drawn press and hold x to lock on target again allowing you to repostion in front of guard to hold them up

If you hold down X and point the left analogue in a direction and then press and hold a you can run with your weapon drawn - should let you hold them up then run to their front to get the tags.

With anything other then a pistol if you press egg you fire with maching guns click in the left thumb stick and you will hold up your machine gun without fireing :D