Freeze on map load screen - only w/ a party

Up until a few days ago, everything was fine.  Now when I join a party w/ my friends and then we go search for a game, I always freeze at the map loading screen.  I can hear my 360 'wind down' and it's an infinite loading screen.  I can still navigate the dashboard button, etc, so my 360 isn't frozen...

I've used 2 different HDDs, so I think it's with the actual xbox, or maybe the game copy?


Anyone know what's going on?  It's just weird that this started out of nowhere a few days ago...maybe it was an update, but I don't remember one being that recent.


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install your game to the hard drive,this will rule out a disc problem.

hi! i'm having the same problem too. my xbox will load the map on loading screen for the most part then my xbox will "wind down" and the loading wheel in right hand corner comes up and basically i have to go to my dashboard to get the game started again..only with mine i'm not in party chat i'm in game chat. would anyone know what's up? btw my issues started after the most recent update and it has just now started to happen more frequently..

Easiest solution for most loading issues for me has been my Routine since owning the system. Install game to HDD also clear your cache of your HDD every few weeks (WARNING: You will need to reupdate any online game updates when you go into live with the game not a big deal but you are warned)

To install to HDD if you do not know.

Load up your game into your console then go to the tab to select your game hit the Y button then go to install game to HDD.

To clear your cache

On NXE goto system tab, then to memory, then highlight your HDD select Y, Then select clear system cache.

These items have helped me keep a clean system for the most part and have also helped remedy alot of other loading and game related issues.