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Ok, I bought this game when it was brand new on the original xbox and loved it! I think they did a beautiful job with the look of the re-release! My ONLY complaint is that the game froze up on me five times in three hours of gameplay. I got so frustrated after the fifth freeze-up that I turned it off and gave up! Is anyone else having this problem? I waited a long time for this game and I was VERY excited to bring it home today. But I'd also really love to be able to PLAY it! Guys, I think we need a patch!


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Very uneven movement when trying to make a character run. Not real happy with the gameplay.

I have played twice (probably for a total of 2 hours) and it's frozen twice.  Expected a lot from from M$ and Lionhead. 8-/

i am also having severe freezing issues, i cannot even get into a game before it freezes and i have to restart and the problem still persists, i was also very excited about this game but not being able to play at all has been very frustrating and now i wish i wouldnt have spent the money on the game

Found on a fable forum that lionhead suggested clearing the system cache then beginning the game and letting it sit at the title screen for 5 minutes to get the cache going.  Did this and didn't have any freezing problems for the 1.5 hours I played.  Maybe it worked, maybe I was lucky, but wanted to put the suggestion out there.

11 minutes into the game it froze.  Tried making a game-play video and it froze brilliant !