Freeze and disconnect Issue

Hello I was told by Xbox Live Phone Support Rep to put my issue here so i don't get banned or my Gamerscore Reset.

I was Playing with Borderlands in LIVE I joined 2 guys that were dueling each other using a weapon that was modded that sent them flying across the map. They told me if I wanted some weapons they had so I was stupid and accepted them. They gave me 3 weapons A shotgun, repeater, and an **** rifle that was invisible except for the body which they used to send each other flying off the map and the other 2 guns did a lot of damage being able to kill anything in the game with one shot as well as a shield that never ran out. I played with them for a couple of minutes utile they left I then joined another game that’s were my issue started because my game froze and then my internet went out and I decided to call it a night since I was sleepy (it was 3AM). The next day I started playing my game offline since the internet was being fixed (waiting for the repair man to get here) my game froze and played again this time it did not freeze and played the story normally for a couple of minutes before I quit. When the internet came back up I started playing I loaded my save when it was loading I got three achievements for leveling up my character in a glitched order starting by being level 51, 61, and 50 in that order so I got nerves since I don’t want to get banned and quit playing for the day I cleared my system cache after I quit borderlands. Today I decided to play and I dropped all the stuff they gave me saved my game and reloaded it and now my save is back to normal with no modded weapons. I called LIVE to ask them if they could reset dose 3 achievements and to tell them what happened so I don’t get banned, the rep told me to post my issue here and that they can’t reset achievements so I decided to do as he said and post it here. So I hope I don’t get banned or my gamescore reset for being stupid and accepting the stuff or getting achievements without doing the challenge to unlock them.


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^^^ohh yeahhhh -scroll to your missions you will see a mission keep your insides inside -if you have that then you have that awesome ever undoable quest thats passed like a virus to everyone.but cosmic is right now you have a nice dummy character that u can use for joining random games .not sure if you have that talk to tannis bug either,did they fix that too???

Thanks for the heads up guys i wish i could reset this 3 achievements so i can get them legit but they can't do that so that sucks.

that character is glitched... you can delete it or just keep it to join strangers games with it.

you best bet is to start a new character and only host with it and never join strangers games with the new charater or it might get glitched again.

those achievements you got was because that character got boosted when you played with them.

This is a classic example, why we always tell players on the first time playing to play on the 1st playthough to play solo then host the game on your 2nd playthough, this way you have control, you will not get glitched missions and you can kick players who don't care and are in the game to leave junk weapons and items and to goof off.

later on you other new charaters just play them to New Haven to get the 4 weapon slots open get the backpack SDU's and then you can go get bosted to a high level.

first of theres a possibility of getting banned if you tampered with your xbox -its an i p thing .second if everyone is gonna get banned for using stock weapons then this gaming community will only have 20 people that i know that still play the game and myself included.1 shot weapons and invinsibility shields are common in this game -i heard excuse saying i played the game since it came out and u check the gamerscore he only got it it a month ago.yes u can see when did the person geet the achievement through the i play the living out of it still no mods .i like it that when i smoke an enemy out u know u used tactics to kill him whatever the enemy is badass or the secret final boss and u learn from mistakes. adapt ,improvise and conquer .

you did get them legit but from joining someone else's co-op game, that is what you get from not finishing the game first, or being the host.  you are not going to get in any trouble or have your account banned, but deleting that character will help stop the spread of those glitched missions.

with this game on your first time it's best to be the host, than to join strangers games, but even a friend can accidentally give you the glitched missions if you are not careful.

I didn't know that joining glitched games can do this to a game save Ill have to keep that in mind I might delete my character and start a new character so i don't get in trouble. this was my first time playing online with this game and i get this ill just host if i want to play online. Thanks for the help man I was worried to get this account banned since i have a lot of DLC, arcade games, and other stuff that i bought with this account.