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About FYS:
Well FYS started back this couple months ago with couple of mate. We finally decided where going to take gaming up a level and show everyone what we have. So then one night FYS started and since then we have been going strong. Everyone in FYS is aged 16+ and we are trying to maintain it that way due to the fact that we don't wont screaming, raging kids to be anything apart of us.

As a clan we don't have no silly ranking structure as all you need is a FYS Founder & FYS Co-Founder, which are taken by the founders of FYS. All other members are treated the same way to keep the everyone happy.

What We Offer:
Well as a new clan we will be taking FYS to the top so that in this we mean by MLG/WLG and any other competitions FYS is able to find and make us become one of a kind clan. Once we have built up a very big community they will be competitions help within the clan community I.E. Most weekly kills ECT, Which this may earn you some prizes for yourself.

FYS Dedication:
Well as we are trying to become the best of the best in gaming clan we would like to see your dedication toward the team. We would prefer all member to have our website in the motto or bio your choice, Gamertag change would be 100% amazing if possible and that would show official FYS Members your true dedication to the clan.

FYS Founder: FYS Basic
FYS Co-Founder: FYS Lizaard

Youtube: Official FYS Gaming Channel - YouTube

Hope to see you all sign up
and become apart of the next
biggest gaming clan to hit the world

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