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Was playing last night and leveled up my car affinity and it said 100% discount on upgrades for that make of car, so now I've gotten tons of free stuff for alot of my cars. To me it seems like an oversight as in the last game upgrade parts weren't that heavily discounted. Kind of takes some of the incentive to save credits for parts and cars when I'm getting them all for free now. thoughts?


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From what I've read in the reviews, Turn10 did this on purpose.  Not sure why, but it wasn't an oversight.

I for one don't like it, doesn't really give me incentive to keep playing so far

Save your credits for unicorn cars.

Yeah I suppose

I would like it better if it was 100% on low level cars, but not the higher end.  

yeah 100% seems a bit much

I don't know, I kinda like it myself. This way I can tune ALL my cars and do so multiple times while I try to find the best combination of parts.

It seems to take away from the game for me. why am I continuing to race when I have nothing to spend my money on, if I'm getting car upgrades for free and it seems like every other race my driver level goes up and I get to pick a free car what is the point of earning credits? I've barely spent anything and I've amassed almost 1 million with nothing to spend them on it seems