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now i understand that once the tutorial is done ypu start in a Free Roam mode and then do what you want. but in GTA4, the very popular mode was free roam. you could setup  setup with different options. no physical damage, certain guns, etc. my friends a i had a blast getting in a free roam mode with rocket launchers and no damage and just screw around using the launcher to "launch" us onto roofs, buildings, whatever.

i dont see where they have any options or free roam mode similar to gta4. am i wrong? i dont understand why they would leave that out. it was a popular mode. always full, always fun



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There was nothing to do in free roam.  Never understood the hoopla.

no, i dont know we always found it fun, just staright up destruction. at trhe airport and time square. load up the chopper wih friends and weapons... reek havok!!!!!

that kind of unrealistic, destruction over everything type of gameplay does not appeal to me one bit.

but I guess everyone's different..

Everyone is indeed different and "to each their own". However, Alamas, I still don't understand how you didn't find Free Roam in GTA: IV more fun than the other modes? You could literally do anything you wanted and there were no limits except those set by the host. I guess what I'm trying to ask is: Did you not find unlimited freedom enjoying?

I played it a couple of times and just saw a bunch of people shooting at each other as if it were a death match with no tally.  The first time I played I thought it would be fun to drive my friend to the bowling alley to play a few frames and we could not.  So I might as well just have more "fun" doing it in singleplayer.

There's a little bit more interactivity in GTA: O's Free Roam though, but I do agree with you on the whole "deathmatch without a tally" BS. I guess it is too difficult to set up a Deathmatch without involving us, right? Unfortunately, this is the mentality of most GTA players (read and have witnessed sooooo many topics/posts/videos/in-game experiences to come to this conclusion; sorry if I have wrongly put you in this category. Not everyone is a d*****).

Free roam should just be replaced with a co op mode.  Seems like it would be perfect for GTA V since there are 3 characters.  

It was fun but it got old fast. I like GTA Online's feel. Its fun and its fresh.

i still think they should have left the free mode in. they have so much to do online but when you dont want to worry about anything and just go crazy. it took alot of the fun out of the game for me. i agree of 'legendofgta'.

also, i was just roaming around last night and i see that they dont have guns lying around as they did in free mode in gta4. i understand they have ammunation but you have to buy weapons.  its a big let down without the freedom.

but i also agree with 'xtakagi san' . it has a fresh feel to it.

I personally have no problem with it at all. I think it's great fun - I really enjoyed GTA IV but I much prefer this GTA Online

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