Free map packs??!?!?!!

Recently i played bo2 and i have uprising and vengeance but then randomly it let me play revelution and apocalypse. Is this a glitch or a hack?!?!

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I havent heard about this, but its obviously a glitch if you are playing things you havent paid for.

 Even if you didnt pay, you would have had to have downloaded them

You can't play maps that you haven't downloaded. So, I'm sorry to say you either don't know what maps are in what map pack & think you played a DLC you didn't; or you're just plain full of it.

Sgt Boston gonnae chill out man!!!  Take it easy :)


No colonel , they were free when the ghost map packs were free for a bit. They keep the content locked on a disk just like capcom games , so they can give a soft patch to make they free whenever they want.