Free Gotham Night animated film

Seen it, so I don't need my pre-order code.  It's a pretty decent movie.  Certainly worth watching for free.  I'm not sure how you use it, as it's not long enough to work in the "Redeem Code" part of the dashboard.  A quick Google search lead me to believe you redeem on Gamestop's website, through a link.  I also saw people are having problems redeeming it.  Well post here if you want the code.  I will check back in a day or so and send the winner a PM. 


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If you still have the code and don't need it.. I take it off your hands. :) I haven't seen it and love all things batman :) if anything just send it to me in a PM otherwise no biggie.

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this must have been a Gamestop thing?  nothing came with my Best Buy copy.

[/quote]Yes , it was. They added that exclusive pre order  bonus 2 weeks before release . 

Ok since other people will be giving theory codes away too,  I'll just throw mine out there. Whoever gets it, gets it. GJ3V4KY4JK7Y.

I want it.

And if the code works the same as the one that came in Halo Reach for the Halo Legends cartoon then the code must be redeemed on website with the same Email address used on your gamertag, then it will show up in the Zune purchases on the xbox.

i will take the code...

this must have been a Gamestop thing?  nothing came with my Best Buy copy.

I didnt get a code for Gotham Knight...

I got a DVD.

Same here. If anyone wants a code, I'll be giving mine away as well.