Free Game "The Maw" With Summer of Arcade Purchase

I couldn't find the actual like, but I've been hearing that if you go through the Microsoft store and purchase any game hosted in the Summer of Arcade, you will get a free download for The Maw. Is this true? Also, I've heard this may only apply to Bastion. Anyone verify? I haven't bought anything from the MS store yet... does this download to your queue on your Xbox???


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"As Joystiq points out, the Microsoft Store website mentions that you get The Maw for free with any Summer of Arcade game, but with a footnote that it's actually only valid for Bastion. However, this is due to a deal with Machinima who hand out the free game with every Summer of Arcade title. Hence the Machinima logo on the page.

The offer is for the U.S. Microsoft Store only and Paypal is not an option. So if you are not a U.S. resident, or if you aren't one but still use an American Xbox Live account to get cheaper games through the magic of exchange rates, this deal will probably not work for you without a valid U.S. address and matching credit card."

I bought mine for $15.99 and The Maw was $0.00 (as it showed up on my cart) aswell i paid with credit card... they emailed me my codes and ta-da... Enjoy!

Eew... "Any Summer of Arcade Game," but only valid for Bastion? Suck. Lol, I already bought Bastion. Perhaps because the others aren't out yet? Hope things change by tomorrow, as I'm planning on getting From Dust. Thanks for the cliffnotes, Dark.

No prob...

Okay, so I was a little bummed about not getting it since I already downloaded Bastion.--But I was getting From Dust anyway, so I decided to wait until it was hosted as the next Summer of Arcade title starting today (27th), and surprise.--It works. Just downloaded From Dust from the Microsoft store and got The Maw for $0.00. Just to let everyone know. But it doesn't look like you can go back and do it with Bastion or any of the previous Summer titles. So jump on them when you can.

This offer is available with ANY summer of arcade game and if you buy all 5 summer of arcade titles you also get a free game called crimson alliance.

There is a lot of confusion with the maw, i believe it is only available through the microsoft store using a credit card and i also heard rumours that it is only available to US gamers.

Not "any" Summer of Arcade game... but it looks like you can do the deal with whatever current hosted game of Summer. Last week it was Bastion, but I had already purchased it off XBL Marketplace. This week, it was changed to say *only valid with From Dust.

Well since i already have the maw, this deal really wouldn't help me out much.