Free For All - Blops

My nats are open, yet I have alot of trouble finding free for all matches on Blops.
Infact, I cant find any, ever.

All other match types I can access with no problem, but Free for all is my favorite to play.

Any ideas? Or anyone play often and can add me?


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still having trouble with this...

Before you go to select FFA, press the 'back' button. It should bring up a 'search' function. Make sure it's under "any", or whatever it is for the default, NOT 'locale'.

Make sure that is set. If that doesn't work, I think it may be an issue with your router despite still saying "open". (Mine wasn't technically open either, but had no issues connecting). You'll need to give your Xbox a static IP address, then place that IP in the DMZ with your router. You can find help by searching through google, it's not too hard. Once you do that, you will have a 100% Open Nat and should have no issue finding matches.