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Now that I've got your attention - sneaky, eh? apparently I've played battlefield 4 for 20 days solid. It's more like 8 hours since launch. Could I kindly ask you guys and gals to check yours? To do it, simply click on friends > compare games and highlight BF4.. See if it tallies up? I cannot work out for the life of me how this is calculated and it'd be nice to know. Very odd.. :-/ In all seriousness - sorry about the misleading title but I'm really curious as to if I'm the only one. And the only free spare code I have is a 2 day XBL which I doubt anyone will want ;)

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I wouldn't be confident of hour counts.  Go to BF4 stats for your true statistics.

Gone up 2 days in 4 hours.. Lol.

Does anyone know where to find single player time played?