Free Cell Challenge 19 Aug

Anyone solve the 19th Free Cell Challenge in less that 44 moves.  I've spent 3 hours on it and can't solve it.


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FINALLY.  Solved it in exactly 44 moves.  What an exercise.  LOL

Congrats! I, too, have been working on this for several hours.  Would you, or someone who has solved it, be willing to share your secret to success on this one?

Solved it, AT LAST! Don't ask how, 'cause I don't know. Just dumb luck, I suppose.

Ac home, 5d to Hold, 10d to Hold, 8c on 9h, Kc to Hold, Jh to Hold, As home, 3d on 4c, Ah home, 2c home, Qs on Kh, Jh on Qs, 5d to empty column, 4c on 5d, Ad home, Qh on Ks, 5d on 6s, Kh to empty column, 3h on 4s, 2s home, Qd to Hold, 10c on Jh, 3s home, Kc to empty column, Qd on Kc, 9h on 10c, 2h home, 3h home, 4s home, 6c to Hold, 3c home, 8h to Hold, Kd to Hold, 6h on 7s, 4d to empty column, 7d on 8c, 2d home, 3d home, 4d home, 4c home, 8d to empty column, Jd on Qs, 4h home

Thank you :-)

Many thanks, I was really stuck on this. 5d kept going up automatically, so had to remember to undo it every time! I kept doing it in about 47 moves, but didn't think about moving 5d to cell so early. Usually I can do the freecell challenge, but this was a real stinker.


thank you PrimaryGiant16

wonderful posting of moves.

I could do it 48 moves if 4 more was available :(

exactly 44 moves shows.

sometimes exact number of moves challenge is not accepted

for this challenge it got happy.

so I am. the challenge was froubling me for past 48 hours.i had tried at least 40 times..

thanks again