Free Archery Training

Many of you probably have found out about Angi but for those who don't know I'll pass this on. In the mountains directly above Falkreath is Angi's Camp. The best route is to take the road behind Peak's Shade Tower just west of Falkreath and follow any path that leads towards the cabin (watch out for the surprise at the tower). Be nice to Angi, she doesn't bite. In her cabin is a treasure map you can take, a skill book for 1 point if you having found it elsewhere, and, if you talk to her about practice and follow her instructions, she will take you to her practice targets. Tell her you don't know much and the first 3 hits are easy and give a point raise each. That was 4 points of free training for me since I hadn't found the skill book before. You can continue with more difficult tests. The second is for speed and my controller isn't up to the challenge so I don't know how much can be gained. I don't expect that the tests are repeatable.


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Thanks! I'll try it.

So weird, probably around the same time I was on reading up on some stuff, I came across this tidbit about Angi's Camp.  Then you posted about it....   ::looks around::