frame rate stutter

there is frame rate stutter in the game.i have compared the game to forza 4 using the same car and track and when it stutters in forza 5 it's fine in forza 4 so that confirms it happens on my xbox one.the stutter is slight but it's there anyone else notice it.


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No stutter for me. Game is smooth as silk!

I strongly believe many people are simply not noticing it; they are occasional and the stutter is a split-second one, unless you're sliding or going through a sharp bend. In that case, you ought to notice it.

If your eyes can spot the different between 30/60 fps console games and a 50 Hz flickery display vs a 60 Hz rock solid/stable one, you will see the stutters.

They definitely happen in almost every race, and most noticeable on all three Lemans tracks.

I even created a thread for this a few days back as I recently got the X1 just for Forza.

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