Frag And Semtex are too weak

the grenade damage needs to be increased to the damage they had in black ops

seriously in MW3 i almost always get a hitmarker weather its a frag or semtex.


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this argument is getting old explosives are fine

next you will be asking for the return of danger close

Maps are too small to have grenades kill so often.

Be more accurate with your nades.  In GB and other competitive play it's obvious that grenades are strong enough as it is.  Between trophy systems and nades it was nearly impossible to cap an enemy's flag in GB Dom, for either team.

Trust me, grenades are just fine. You're just doing it wrong. Most people just don't know how to use them right. That's why just about every game I play I get the most grenade kills using either frags or semtex, along with most equipment kills.

I don't have a problem with grenades if they level the playing field with all explosives. The predator missle for example has such a large radius it's just ridiculous. You can be in the far end of a building and still be killed by the predator missle that hits outside the building.

While I realize the predator missle should do more than grenades, something needs to be done to one or the other. If you use the argument that the maps are small, so grenade damage is lower, then that same argument should apply to predator missles.

So one of two things need to happen. Increase the radius of grenades or decrease the radius of the rest while making sure to keep a difference between the two.

That is exactly why I only play with semtex. I always try to go for the stick. I think the biggest problem with the grenade is that it rolls very easily. This one guy lobbed a grenade at me and I just watched it roll away from me and when it exploded it barely left a scratch.

Semtex the cars! Works every time.


It takes a little skill.