Fourteen Minutes Of Borderlands 2 Gameplay Footage Leaked!



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It looks EXACTLY like the first game, I mean right down to the colors,fonts and HUD layout.Dont get me wrong it still looks fun but .... I dont see sequel I see a expansion pack.Also Am I the only one who thinks sequel are squeezed out to fast these days ? the game hasnt even been out for 3 years and we  are getting a second installment.?


Throw away guns, that's awesome.

This game looks epic. I hope they work on their netcode this time around. If you can clone weapons and mod them like you could in the first game I'm going to pass.

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I didn't really enjoy the first Borderlands and although i'm no expert on the first game i must say that it looks very similar to the first by that video.

My eyes are bleeding again, the color is still awful. wait, is brown muck even a color?

[quote user="Varakharne"]

 I dont see sequel I see a expansion pack.


Well when you find out just how much has been changed this time around you'll see it's not really any expansion pack. I'm glad they kept the look and feel of the original. I wouldn't want it to be too different in that department.

I saw this yesterday and I must say I'm excited. The new animations for the enemies are so fluid, plus that new color palette is gorgeous. Also, in my opinion, the guns look a whole lot cooler.

The first one was great, the second one looks just as good. The unique weapons and open maps are excellent.