Four player co-op insane

I'm looking for people who want to do four player co-op on insane. Send me a message if you want to play.


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I would like to but I work monday through friday till 5pm central. So if you are good with evening play. I'm in.

I was planning to do this friday or saturday in the evening sometime. I'll let everybody know when later on.

Oh yeah count me in.

I should be open all Saturday night.

If you need one I should be available this weekend, was gonna try it alone but I guess having help would be better.

I will be doing this on Saturday October 1st at 4:00 pm eastern time. Send me a message on xbox live to get an invite.

I'm down. I already beat it on Insane on my own, guess it would be fun with 3 other people.

Alright I'm on now. Send invite now to join, need three people.

What act are you on and can I join?

I'm on act 1 chapter two right now and I've done act 4 and some of act 5.