founder's callsigns and camo

Call of Duty Elite shows I have founders status but i haven't received my founders callsigns and weapon camo yet but i got the elite title and red/blue scull emblem. Does any one know how to get them?


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Nope. Got mine randomly. My friend didn't get his yet either.


Don't worry though - it's really not a big deal, especially the weapon camo. It's winter, and just looks like it's wrapped in cow-skin.

I would like to get what I'm paying for though. What i really wanted is the title and emblem, i heard the camo was kinda lame

To get your emblems go into MW 3 game itself received both emblems & titles. For as the Camo it is Winter the name of the camo hopes this helps

i gotta look to see if i got the camo...i got the emblems and titles

Camo shows up for me.  I haven't messed with my emblem or title, so I don't know if I have them yet.

MEH! I like ma gold m4 better! Nice and shiny :)

So I have Founder Status on the web site now and have gotten all the extra callsigns / camo but I never put in my 20 digit number for the Premium yet and it seems not to wanna load still. Is this still an issue with everyone else?

It really isn't a big deal. Both the emblem and title you get for it are lame.

Blue, Red, Autumn, or Gold > Winter

Titles you get from challenges > Elite titles