Foundation & Sanctuary maps available now *ELITE*

I had no idea these were coming out today (come back Bowling!) but downloading now :-)


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OK so just had a quick go on both of them. Foundation is ugly to look at, and not much fun to play - it takes place on some sort of industrial site and there is nothing stand out to speak of. Sanctuary however is AMAZING. It takes place in a Monastery village, and layout wise it feels very similar to Hanoi from Black Ops (it is a daylight map though). It's also very sniper friendly

Doesn't matter that they came out today or not. Not many of us Hardcore Mode players will be able to enjoy those maps until they are added to the regular rotation since IW doesn't want to make individual playlists for them. All they have to do is add a seperate playlist for those of us who only want to play TDM. I shouldn't have to suffer through two other game modes that I could care less about...


If Treyarch doesn't fix the Elite when they release their next CoD title then I will not be purchasing it so I can get the maps early and cheaper.

Meh, maybe I will give them a look in a few days, but whenever I am on the 360 lately, I find myself playing BF3. Not having a dig at MW3 or anything here, but I am thoroughly enjoying BF3 for the first time since I bought it upon release.

Stop playing Hardcore then, You'll find when you step out of camperland the fun that can be had in core is amazing.

Ugh, I regret lending MW3 to my friend for spring break. -_____-


Oh well, I can wait. I still have Final Fantasy XIII to keep me busy and Gears of War 3 is still fun as ever. ;D

I will give them a try in spec ops. I will wait until they are in the regular rotation to play mp on them though.

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Stop playing Hardcore then, You'll find when you step out of camperland the fun that can be had in core is amazing.



You get just as many campers in Core so don't give that excuse. I play HC because it shouldn't take more than a few shots to kill someone. Way too many WTF moments in Core for my liking. That and only scrubs with no skill need a game mode that gives them everything; HUD, mini map, ammo counter, etc-what next, you want the game to shoot your gun for you?


yeah I don't start playing them properly until they are until full rotation. Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up