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Sums up exactly what myself and others have felt since 09.

1. Remove fighting, its childish, not fun, a waste of time, especially goalie fights which was a dumb idea now its abused putting the right winger in the box for nothing he did wrong. go put in EA fight night if you want to fight.

2. Remove attributes/boosts, make all players use "stock" players. Once you hit superstar thru legend the game goes from player skill behind the controller to computer programming deciding which attributes overrides others which results in superhuman glitch fest. Lets have good fun solid hockey games please, go stock!

3. Remove/fix the that damn toe drag/dangle/inside out/snap shot glitch shot that goes in from the slot 50% of the time. Its been there for years now, you are aware of it, remove it/fix it!!!

4. Remove the short side glitch goal, same as #3 above, its been there for years, you are aware of it, there is no room short side, in real life a very low% shot to take however it pays to take this glitch shot in this game, remove it/fix it!

5. Quit putting so much effort in jerseys, rosters, fighting, etc. focus on the game play!

6. Invest some money and upgrade your servers!!! myself included, along with countless others are always experiencing lag/delay while playing only this game, all other games are just fine so its EA servers that can't handle the demand/speed/traffic/etc.

7. If they don't remove attributes/boosts atleast add lobbies for card levels, rookies only, amatuers only, pros only, superstars only, legends only where you can only join these lobbies if you hold that card, this will put us in games where everyone has the same attribute ability, more fun. This still won't eliminate the superhuman glitches at the superstar/legend level, but it will make it better when everyone in the game has the same ability on their created player.

i could go on and on.


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I agree with SOME of the things. Not all. Fighting is cool imo and me and my friends have a good time with it.