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Dirty Drivers EU

We are reqruiting any skilled (leveled) player who is willing to join the public club

MOTTO: Go fast Dont crash Your Last


Currently we are 4132nd in club leaderboards our target is to get top 100 teams

Information on club

the the club was orignally made by me and a friend but other racers started to join then it got competetive we got a clan team and started to race against other clans/teams

members - 45

owner - 1 me

co/owners - 3

if your interested message me


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Hey man, this is the support pages, if you want to talk about this stuff, head over to the clan discussion in the general forums!

Hey TanqaHD,

I'll move your post to the appropriate forum for General Discussion about Forza Horizon.


The name of your club is Dirty Drivers?  If you in fact *are* inclined to drive dirty, advertising that fact in your club name is probably not going to win you many friends.  If it's just a name that you picked out b/c you thought it sounds might want to rethink it, or be prepared for a lot of pre-emptive strikes online of people bashing into you on purpose.

hey count me in but i need to wait till i get internet again my gamertag is wolfboy74585