Forza - Will there be a sense of community like on forza 3 ???

                                                      Forza 4 community

Will there be a sense of community like on forza 3 ???

for example bein able to sell your designs for cars on the storfront and being able to show of your artistic skills by doing this and taking and editing an photo you have taken whilst racing etc.


Forza 4 will have to be amazing to realy swoop forza 3 off the top spot for the worlds best racer .


Who agrees ???                                                                                                            


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Yes, that's something that'll always be in the game.. ;D

Forza 3 has much more than just track time and that has found me still playing it today since I've had it at launch. Being a race fan, I enjoy all the other racing games out there but really have been locked into Forza 3. I can't imagine forza 4 not beng a community heavy game. After all, thats what makes it so great!


HAAA, The community was really strong in forza 1 and 2.  It fell apart after T10 ruined 3.  With the car clubs coming back I'm pretty sure alot of people will come back.  If the rest of the game isnt crap like 3 was.

I have been with Forza since F1.    I personally thought F3 was miles ahead of F2 in almost every single way so I cant comprehend people saying F3 was crap.  Oh well to each his own but it looks like F4 is going to combine everything we loved from the entire series and put it all into 1 game. CLubs are back, autocross is back, and much much more.   So pretty much EVERYONE should be happy with F4.  

forza 3 was crap! overall the experience of forza 3 was nowhere near what it was in 1 & 2. i hope forza 4  doesnt follow the lead of 3. where its all about new features and how pretty it is....look kinect! blah blah blah....hopefully turn 10 learned its lesson, but only time will tell. ill still get it....and still paint some of the best paints ever! :P , that will never stop but wether or not i play any of the single player game itself or for how long is the question

Again, I just dont comprehend someone saying F3 was crap.   Especially now that they have all the hoppers in the MP.   I do agree that the single player gets fairly boring after a while but most racing single players do.   Most of my time is in private races with friends and bots.  Because it allows you to set up the game any way you want. 

I really hope those nice features are brought back. I also hope they improve the multiplayer settings some though.

With the Car Clubs finally making a comeback (Its been long over due) I think the Community side of this game will be back